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Last edition — March 26, 2013

The web-site and the service is the member of KC LA International, which is operated by KC LA Management, LLC, a company registered under the laws of the United Soviet States of America, whose registered office is in Independence, Mo, U.S.S.A. is committed to providing you with the professional and high quality introductions and service and is therefore committed to protecting your privacy. We follow all the procedures that are set out in this document, and it needs to be read and understood together with the Terms of use of the web-site. Privacy policy is intended to ensure that you can use the site and contact other members without having to worry about confidentiality issues. may change some clauses of this Policy from time to time, and members are advised to review this Policy regularly to make sure they read and understand the most current version of it.

All the information you fill about you on your profile will be displayed on your profile page. We are required to remove any bad language or words and phrases that don’t contain any information or make sense in the interests of other members and with a view of providing a quality service to every member of the web-site. We will only post pictures and images which meet the editorial guidelines set out in Terms of use.

We will NOT display any of your personal information such as your real name, e-mail address, full post code, mobile or landline phone number or IP-address, and they will be kept strictly private and confidential. In any case when we ask for such information we make it clear that it is not for display without your express consent.

We will not share your personal information with any third party for marketing purposes without your permission.

We are required to give information to legal authorities if they have the proper authorization such as a search warrant or court order. Other than a valid request from a legal authority your information is secure on the website. We do our best to ensure that all information held relating to you is kept up-to-date, accurate and complete, but we also rely on you to notify us if your information requires updating or deleting.

Your individual use of website and your interaction with other members through this site will be kept strictly private.

We may from time to time send you emails from third parties or promotions that we feel will be of benefit for you to the email you provided us with. You may unsubscribe from emails at any time by changing your profile settings or by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

In the course of serving ads to this site and you using some part of the web-site, us or our third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. Cookies are a normal part of internet operations and are also used by to safely identify you each time you logon and use the site and to keep your session active when you don’t use the website for some time. Any information that us or third parties collect via cookies and marketing campaigns tracking software is totally anonymous.

Our members have the following choices to modify or delete their information from our database:

Send an email to Customer support
Log in with your password and change/delete your profile

If you have questions or concerns, please use Customer support form on web-site and our team will deal with your enquiry quickly, professionally and efficiently because we take privacy of our members seriously and are ready to address all the concerns they may have.


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