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SWM - Kansas City - 9.16.2012

Posted by CainO' on September 16, 2012 at 6:52am
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August 2012 - as I go alone into the Age of Aquarius, redefining and rediscovering who I am. I will be renewed like a phoenix being reborn from the ashes.


Updated September 2012

About Me:

I am a Leo/Libra rising on a Virgo cusp in the year of the Tiger and I pretty much fit my charts. They say that 80% of people fit their charts 80% meaning there is an overall 60% accuracy with astrology; I feel I am in the 80% where my mother is in the 20% - however like said in the bible and many astrologists will agree, we all have free will over our charts.

I am not sure I want a long term relationship right now; I just ended a se7en year relationship because I couldn't take the lies and secrecy anymore. She had been lying to me for years but her secret affair in April is what took the cake. I thought maybe she would grow out of the lies, selfishness and mallis with me being so super open and honest with her, but instead she grew into it; but it’s all in her chart.

I have been in Poly relationships, infect we were suppose to be Polyfidelity; but I am not sure that is even what I want anymore. I'm not sure what I am looking for right now, but I know I am not looking for lies or games. My chart says I hate Liars and Cheater, which is so true! Poly is supposed to be about Honesty and Communication, NOT lying and cheating! My recent ex routinely ridiculed her ex-husband for cheating on her, yet she turned around and did it to me. I made the mistake in thinking she was better then that; she went around behind my back, and I trusted her way too much!

I started getting into Astrology hard core to save the relationship; but even though we were 60% compatible, I don't think it was salvageable. Now we were 60% compatible on the first level, I am now studying the second and third levels which are more complicated; so we very well could have been even more compatible then I thought. That being said, there are another 10 signs I just recently discovered, so that percentage could go either way; but out of the most important signs we were only 50% compatible on the first level. I realize now that she was pulling from her negatives more then her positive. There wasn’t much I could do about that and I am finally realizing that you just can not trust a liar, no matter how much you love her; leopards don’t change their spots. Only GOD can change them; like my mother who doesn’t fit her chart, hardly at all. At that, I would like to find 100% compatibility, but what is the likelihood of that? If I can find at least 75-80% I think it would be better; my Dad finally found 90% so I think I can too. (But I only looked up 10 of their primary signs)

You might say I am on the rebound and I am trying to make since of some things. Don't get me wrong, I have five Libra's in my chart, so I need a good woman to balance me. What I don’t need is someone who will throw me off balance; so I am interested in talking and/or dating, I'm just not looking to jump into another relationship right away. Mostly I am looking to start out as friends and see what happens. Maybe be Poly at first till I find the right one, if that is even possible. A woman at church used astrology to narrow down her soul mates birth date and advertised in the paper, “If this is your birthday then call me”; they have been together a couple decades so far… We’ll see???

My Chart:

With a good astrology book you can learn a lot about me using the chart in my photos. If we are a potential match, I can compare and analyze our charts together; I will also list parts of it in this profile. I feel I pull from my possessive more then my negatives but I do worry to much like my Saturn in Cancer says, my chart also says I can also be critical, I realized that I can be but I'm not real bad. I am working on those but, it's still better then being an abusive alcoholic or drug addict. I am also NOT a liar, cheater or a fake! Every year I don't just make one new years resolution I make a make a list of things "I" need to work on, then I work to resolve them so that I can have a better existence here on earth and in the here after.

My Libras are both good and bad the make me need someone in my life, so I can be very loyal. However, it also means that I am a recovering codependent that is my weakness. I am impulsive, aggressive and strong willed. I need a woman who can handle that, I also am attracted to women with the same attribute. So I will more then likely not contact anyone because I want you to be assertive, that is what I like. I can come off as to aggressive and may scare people but I have duel Homeland Security clearance, so I am defiantly not a threat.

House 01 = Ascendant in Libra

House 01 = Uranus in Libra

House 01 = Eq in Libra / I don’t know what this is yet???

House 01 = Vesta in Scorpio

House 02 = Fortune in Sagittarius

House 02 = Neptune in Sagittarius

House 02 = Rahu in Sagittarius / (Rx)?

House 03 =

House 04 = Lc in Capricorn / ???

House 04 = Pallas Athena in Capricorn / (Rx)?

House 04 = True Lilith in Aquarius / (Rx)?

House 05 = Earth/Terra in Aquarius

House 05 = Ceres in Pieces / (Rx)?

House 05 = Jupiter in Pieces / (Rx)?

House 05 = Juno in Pieces / (Rx)?

House 06 =

House 07 = Descendent in Aries

House 07 = Chiron in Aries / (Rx)?

House 07 = Weird Symbol in Taurus / I think this might be Eros???

House 08 = Vx. in Taurus / ???

House 08 = Katu in Gemini / (Rx)?

House 09 = Saturn in Cancer

House 10 = Mc/Midheaven in Cancer

House 10 = Venus in Leo

House 10 = % in Leo / ???

House 11 = Sun in Leo

House 11 = Mercury in Virgo

House 11 = Mars in Virgo

House 12 = Pluto in Libra

House 12 = Moon in Libra

I discovered two more symbols, but I don’t know anything about them yet???


About My Match:

This may scare some people; but I am studying Astrology and from now on, I don't think I want to date outside of my chart. So if your a female Aries or Sagittarius and born in the years of Pluto in Libra (1972-1983) and/or Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1983), hit me up. Preferably someone born in the year of the Horse (1978) or Dog (1970 & 1982) on the Chinese Horoscope; for again, I was born in the year of the Tiger.

The second best compatibility would be Libra, Gemini or Aquarius; born in the years of the Rabbit (1975), Dragon (1976) or Pig (1971 & 1983). Third best would be Cancer, Capricorn since I am a Virgo cusp or another Leo/Virgo; born in the years of Tiger (1974), Sheep (1979) or Rooster (1981). Leo’s worst are Taurus and Scorpio, Tigers worst is the year of the Monkey. However; any sign can work if the stars are lined up right, we are equally yoked and both parties are willing to make it work. Again with the free will.

Other then the stars, our faith, beliefs and way of life; you must be attractive, mind, heart, body and soul. Supermodel not required. They say that 80% of Leo's are with Tauruses because of the amazing chemistry between them; but I am afraid of Tauruses right now, because I was just in a 7yr relationship with one and it tore me up. We were like Bette and Tina, only this time Tina cheated and I am not sure I will be coming back into the fold.

My business partner is an Aries and Horse, so I know I can get along with them; him and I have been together since 2007. My J.O.B. is in HazMat transportation and our business on the side is Real Estate, Aromatherapy and I.T.; we are like a mini GoDaddy. I have duel Homeland Security clearance, so you can rest assure I am no threat. I am also a FREEDOM fighter and a naturalist; I am into alternative health and independent thinking. I am somewhat athletic, but I am not a sports fan. I am not very politically correct; I am a realist, and I try to keep it real. I may not be able to handle the truth, but I expect it. I am not into dream stealers, brainwashing or liberal socialism; but I do believe in everyone’s FREEDOM of their own beliefs so long as it does not interfere with others FREEDOM of theirs. I believe in Psychic’s, Purgatory and other things some may find weird; I don’t believe in reincarnation or evolution. I'm not brainy, but I am a deep intellectual person; so I am looking for that in a woman. Must be able to cook and keep house; my Mars in Virgo can't stand a filthy house. I'm not looking for a housewife, but I am also not looking for a house bum either. I am a somewhat organized pack rat, so stuff doesn't bother me, but trashy does.

Red, Yellow, Black or White; there is no color in my sight. Your race means very little to me, I will admit that I have always been a sucker for red head; but the right soul may not be a red head so I am not looking so much on the outside as I am the inside. Physical attraction is very important, but it’s only 25% of the pie. Money is important as well, but I am not looking for support or to support; I am looking for someone who is equally yoked in as many ways as applicable. Mind, heart, body and Soul; is my goal. If I can find all four quadrants, I will get married again.

One last thing; with the exception of my codependent Libra’s, I don’t have any glue in my chart. So I am also looking for someone who does… What is glue? It took me a couple months to figure that out; glue comes in many forms, but the main ones are in this order. Water sign in Venus, second is a rising fire sign, and third is a water sign in Mercury; those are the one you “want”. Venus being the strongest one; even if you just want to learn more about all this, you can contact me, though I am not am astrologist.


Long distance relationships:

Like I said; I transport Hazardous Materials across the U.S., so distance isn't an issue for me. However; I am not able or willing to relocate except maybe to the south of Kansas City but only within Missouri and towards the Joplin area. So if you are willing and/or able to relocate to this area, then distance is of no importance.
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