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closing up shop

Posted by © KC LA International on October 24, 2012 at 8:03am
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Hello all,

I,,, With the exception of, I may not be keeping my Poly social networks around much longer.

I have been Poly nearly all my life, but didn't know of the community till 2006. I was Polyamorous/Serial Monogamous and in 2006 went PolyFidelity/PolyFaithful for my now Ex.; so now I am just Serial depressed. Since she went around behind my back and cheated on me, I am not sure what I want in a relationship anymore; many say that Poly was the root cause of her infidelity or an excuse to do so though I somewhat still disagree. She knew the cardinal Poly rules and chose to LIE anyway.

If I keep the sites going, I will more then likely go in the direction of PolyFidelity with them since that is the group I identify with most. However, I have a grand scheme that will benefit the whole Poly Community if I do it in the next year or two as planned. Again, I plan to keep offering PolyFlags to the community if anyone wants them. The embroidered ones are kind of pricy; but when I get done paying child support next year, I plan to order the screen printed ones in bulk to bring the price down on those. All the PolyFlags so far are made in the U.S. and I hope to keep it that way; if I go outside the U.S., it will only be with a Poly company to support the Poly Community. Maybe someday I can hire the crew to do it ourselves; but I just did this to offer flags to the community since no one else was. I will continue to do so as long as people still want them.

Your prayers are welcomed and I will keep you all in mine, CainO'
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