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The Poly Community helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Things that would make this site awesome...

... that's up to us, the participants!

been floating around here a few months now, and i've noticed that there are few people that post, and yet a fair number of users on here. it seems strange to have a place that, i'm sure, we all came to to develop a sense of unity, friendship and solidarity with others in our little niche of humanity.

and yet i see so few posts! this place was designed, as i can tell, to be a site similar to facebook. where we can share not only poly based things, but also just the fun every day stuff that lets people grow closer as a community. Think of the things that you enjoy about other social media sites, and bring it here!

the mods seem to be doing a damn good job with ease of use of this place. blogging, image posting, statuses and etc are all easy to do, and easy to interact with. and they seem to be good at keeping on top of the spammers for what i'm sure is a small mod team must be a ton of crud to deal with.

so, i gotta ask, other members, where ya'll at! the more of us that are active, the more this site will take off, gain people, give us opportunities for friendship and networking, and a support structure when dealing with the people that don't get or outright hate out lifestyle.

the mods can't do it alone guys. it takes people to build a community.

just my two cents.
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