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Transparency is a Good Thing!

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Shawn Hughes &
Mary Schulz



Dear Shawn Hughes,

“maybe you answer on here”

I’m not sure what this means or what you are referring to. But yes, I answer on here; if what it is that you expect me to answer to is worthy of a response. And yes, I will try and accommodate your need for an answer where I can.

“leave mary alone”

Again, I’m not sure what you are referring to. I am done with the her and have been done with her for some time now; you sir are the one who is picking at a wound that is trying to heal. If you are referring to the evidence that I have of her lies, cheating, screwing me over and ripping me off, I will wipe the slate clean as soon as she repays her dept; so long as she and her people quit stirring up shit. If she wanted me to leave her alone, then why was she the one trying to get back with me in April 2013; one year after the affair started? I have already washed my hands of her and have let go and let God; she has to deal with Karma now, and you know what they say about her.

Mary was the one who whored around on me. If you are one of the guys she cheated on me with, then you can kiss my *ss. I had my eye on your profile after I caught her cheating on me, but I didn’t find anything on you; so I blew you off. Now it appears your trying to be her knight in shinning armor, look pretty fishy… Maybe your the one she cheated on John with; John Rodriguez is the one I have proof she cheated on me with. Not Johnny, that’s her ex-husband. Either way, be advised that your next. She cheated on me, she cheated on her ex-husband (which I didn’t find out about till later); but he was cheating on her too so what’s the difference? She probably cheated before and she’ll probably do it again; leopards don’t change their spots. “Past predicts future”. I have more dirt on her then she will want you to dig up. I could have exposed her way more then I already did, but I chose not to. I have nothing to hide, so dig away if you may.

“disable the adult friend finder acct”

Again, I am not sure what you are talking about. I do not do Adult Friend Finder, that in my opinion is a whore site and I don’t do whores. If that’s your preference, that would be your prerogative; I don’t care. If she has an Adult Friend Finder account, maybe you should be taking that up with her? You can send me the link to this so called account and I will look in to it if I can; otherwise, take it up with Adult Friend Finder because I have nothing to do with it.

“remove kaitlins pics from facebook”

Any pictures I have of the kids is from our past and have nothing to do with you, so until I hear that from Katelin herself whom you don’t even know how to spell her name; I will do no such thing. As for our family photo’s, forget it.

“this will be the last nice request”

You call that a nice request??? It’s not even a request, not to mention it is the first and only time I have ever herd of this.

“next i will be seeing your business partner on stone for more info on you”

I don’t have a business partner on stone, so maybe you need to start getting your facts straight before making threats and allegations.

“I will also epose you for the pedophile you are”

Wow, at least you know how to spell that word. I wonder why??? Pedophile, where the hell do you come off accusing someone of something like that? I was better to Mary and the Girls then any man in Mary’s history and probably in her future. Andrew was the one who was supposedly messing around with one of the Girls, looks like someone doesn’t have his facts in order once again… What I do know is that a Skink smells it’s odor first; so maybe we should be taking a deeper look at you???

Last but not least:

If you can prove to me that I have in fact done anything wrong, I will do what I can to rectify it. Any evidence you have must be presented to me in writing so that I can document it. I want PROOF of any accusation against me. Also, did you check with Mary before opening this can of warms? I can guarantee you that she has WAY more to hide then I do, you better get with her before taking this action any further. If you don’t, I’m pretty sure it’s going to back fire.

On that note; if you wish to take legal action, you can contact my Lawyer “Ross Nigro”. His office is down town just outside of West Port and he is also the Prosecuting Attorney for Raytown, Mo. If you make any more threats or false allegations against me, you will be hearing from him. This is your only notice. I will be emailing my Lawyer a copy of this letter, he will be prepared for your call and/or to draw up charges against you.

BTW… I ran your astrology and though you are more astrologically compatible to her then John was, it still doesn’t look good. You are more like me then you are her, so you’ll more then likely have the same or similar problems with her as I did. Your Numerology is even worse… Good luck with that and good ridden, CainO’

David Michael Cain O’Dougherty

Foot Notes: “That was like sooo Age of Pisces” Sounds like I am not the one who needs to move on…

shawn hughes

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Siead C
sounds like a case of all kinds of special goin' on there.
Spam Ninja
Dear Shawn and Mary,

My girlfriend created an account with Adult Friend Finder to try and find your profile because you can not see profiles on Adult Friend Finder unless you are an active member of the site. She found the profile using the username you gave her to verify that that was her. I tried l...
Siead C
honest advice cain? leave this shawn and mary peoples to their own stuff. if they're having trust and honesty issues, that's not your problem.
however, do keep in mind the threats made. inform your business partner that an ex's new boyfriend is causing trouble, and to ignore any calls from him. if h...
Spam Ninja
Oh, I did. 6mo later, he wanted to be my friend. I asked, "why do you wanna be my friend"? He said, "any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine". Then next thing I know, he is in prison for merder. He probably killed the guy she was cheating on him with. Don't know, I've wash my hands of the whole th...
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